Rasoul Mousavi
27 Apr 2018 14:44

Rasoul Mousavi

Mutual Interests of Iran and Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)

Regional cooperation has assumed added importance in recent years. Organizations like the European Union (EU), Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the regional arrangement of Latin American countries, MERCOSUR, are a few notable successful examples of this kind of cooperation.  ...

Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev addressed the Astana Club, during its Nov. 13, 2017, third annual meeting
27 Nov 2017 08:58

Rasoul Mousavi

On Astana Club 2017

The third annual gathering of the “Astana Club” was held in Astana the capital city of Kyrgyzstan on 13 and 14 November 2017 with the attendance of more than 60 scientific, political, and research personalities  (people who influence decision making and decision taking) from 27 countries....

12 Sep 2017 23:12

Rasoul Mousavi: ‘Turkey realized that the collapse of Syria would be at the expense of Turkish territorial integrity and national security’

Iran and Turkey share a long border, and relations between them have known ups and downs in the decades since the Islamic Revolution. Tension arose between the two countries before the rise to power of Erdogan and the Justice and Development Party, both because of Turkey’s membership in NATO ...

Blue Map of Asia. The URL of the reference to map is: http://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/world_maps/time_zones_ref_2011.pdf. In addition - some city locations were taken from: http://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/world_maps/txu-oclc-264266980-world_pol_2008-2.jpg.
4 Sep 2017 05:14

Rasoul Mousavi

Iran Is Thinking of Creating a Strong Region

In the neighborhood policy, the discussion that should be mainly taken into account is that whether the country Iran considers it to be its neighbor, considers Iran as a neighbor or not, since the neighborhood is a two-way issue. For example, while Iran views Kazakhstan as its neighbor, this country ...

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1 Jul 2017 07:57

Rasoul Mousavi

Iranian-Russian Common Interests against Extremism in Central Asia

There are diverse and contradictory viewpoints on the concept of 'extremism' and it is hard to explain what it means and is comprised of. At the current time, we are facing a distorted reality that links extremism to Islamism and indeed, pictures the former as an inseparable element of Islam....

3 Mar 2017 10:21

Rasoul Mousavi: ‘Afghanistan’s stability crisis is a domestic issue which must be overcome through a balance between different ethnic groups’

  Rasoul Mousavi, Iran's former ambassador to Tajikistan, Finland and Estonia, advisor to head of Center for International Research and Education, affiliated to Iran's foreign Ministry, and senior fellow at IRAS, sat down one week ago with IRAS for a comprehensive interview about different ...

Rasoul Mousavi: ‘Iran is being certainly affected the most by every development in Tajikistan’
7 Jun 2016 22:01

Rasoul Mousavi: ‘Iran is being certainly affected the most by every development in Tajikistan’

The poorest ex-Soviet nation with a long and porous border with Afghanistan announced recently the results of a constitutional referendum that makes the heavy-handed rule of President Emomali Rahmon virtually unlimited, paves the way for his son's presidency, and outlaws "faith-based"...