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Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif (L) meets with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing, Feb. 19, 2019. 
How Hwee Young/Pool via REUTERS
13 Mar 2019 18:36

Mohsen Shariatinia

Exodus by Big Firms Pushes Iran toward Smaller Chinese Enterprises

China is still Iran's top trade partner, leading oil customer, a key technology exporter, a major political ally and one of the signatories to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) still committed to the deal. All of this has given Beijing an increasingly central position in Iran'...

The national security advisers of Afghanistan, China, Iran, India and Russia held the first meeting of the Iran-sponsored Regional Security Dialogue, Tehran, Sept. 26, 2018.
Getty Images
11 Oct 2018 07:24

Hamidreza Azizi

Iran ‘Look East’ Policy 2.0

Tehran hosted national security and deputy national security advisers from China, India, Russia and Afghanistan on Sept. 26, in what was billed as the first Regional Security Dialogue. According to Keyvan Khosravi, spokesman for the Iranian Supreme National Security Council, the one-day meeting, initiated ...

22 Aug 2018 19:04

Bahram Amirahmadian

Iran and Competitiveness of China

China is currently known as the world’s second biggest economic power after the United States of America. According to figures released in 2016, the United States’ gross domestic product stood at about 18 trillion dollars in 2016, while that of China was about two-thirds of America’...

Chinese State Councillor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi (R) meets Iran
10 Jul 2018 21:55

Mahsa Rouhi

Can China Save JCPOA?

Europe is trying to save the Iran nuclear deal, but finds itself trapped by the conflicting demands of Washington and Tehran. China’s independence and economic power may allow it to step in – but trade will remain Beijing’s focus.   In the aftermath of Washington’s withdrawal ...

Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev (C) and other delegates of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) security secretary summit arrive at the Great Hall of the People on May 22, 2018 in Beijing, China
27 May 2018 23:35

Saadat Hassan Bilal

Shanghai Cooperation Organization; Ensuring Regional Peace & Connectivity

Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) was initially come into being in 1990 between the former USSR and China. First time in 1996, Heads of States and delegates from Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan and Tajikistan sit together in Shanghai to draw upon the mandate, goal and structure of SCO ...

Chinese State Councillor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi (R) meets Iran
20 May 2018 00:07

Mohsen Shariatinia

Why China May Not Come to Iran’s Rescue in salvaging JCPOA

With the United States having withdrawn from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) on May 8, a new round of diplomatic efforts has begun to save the deal. To this end, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has recently toured China, Russia and Belgium to meet with the remaining signatories ...

City Palace, Udaipur, is a palace complex in Udaipur, in the Indian state Rajasthan
23 Feb 2018 20:11

Mohammad Zare

South Asia; a New Center for Strategic Rivalries

If we divided regional and international rivalries into active, semi-active and inactive categories, South Asia could be considered as a center for inactive rivalry between regional and international powers, at least, during the past decade. However, the existing trends and the quality of the moves ...

14 Jan 2018 22:44

P R Kumaraswamy

Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the Iranian Enigma

Enigma! This perhaps is the best way to describe the continued uncertainty over Iran’s full membership of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). The Islamic republic first attended the SCO summit as an observer in June 2005 and in March 2008 it had applied for full membership. Nearly a ...

21 Nov 2017 22:25

Hossein Malaek

What is China's position in Iran's foreign relations?

Iran's foreign-policy relations, at least with China, are steered by three groups. The first group includes traders and merchants who seek to traditionally import goods at a reasonable “price” without the “appropriate” quality to Iran and take advantage of the economic ...

Blue Map of Asia. The URL of the reference to map is: In addition - some city locations were taken from:
4 Sep 2017 05:14

Rasoul Mousavi

Iran Is Thinking of Creating a Strong Region

In the neighborhood policy, the discussion that should be mainly taken into account is that whether the country Iran considers it to be its neighbor, considers Iran as a neighbor or not, since the neighborhood is a two-way issue. For example, while Iran views Kazakhstan as its neighbor, this country ...

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang (4th R) meets with Kyrgyzstan
16 Aug 2016 20:06

Hamidreza Azizi

Central Asia at the Heart of One Belt, One Road Initiative

Among all the proposed routes of The Silk Road Economic Belt project, the main emphasis is on Central Asia and this region has a pivotal role in the project. Fundamentally, China's plan was presented by Chinese president during his visit to Kazakhstan in 2013. If we regard the Central Asia region ...

President of Iran Hassan Rouhani (R) and President of China Xi Jinping (2nd R)make statements after signing of partnership agreement between Iran and China at Sadabad Complex in Tehran, Iran on January 23, 2016.
10 Aug 2016 12:29

Bahram Amirahmadian

Diverse Perspectives on Iran's Future Status in One Belt, One Road Initiative

Securing its economic future, China requires an export market for its manufactured goods, and energy imports. It has to produce goods cheaper than that of its rivals for its own big market. If energy imports face difficulties and the final price becomes more expensive than in other regions, the final ...

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) heads of state, the leaders of observer states and governments, international organization delegation heads pose for a group photograph in Tashkent on June 24, 2016 as part of the SCO Heads of State Council meeting.
2 Jul 2016 23:05

Vali Kaleji

What Tajikistan and China Think about Iran’s Full Membership in SCO?

Considering the 10-year-old experience of Iran’s observer status in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) since 2005, Iran has always been interested in being a permanent member. However, what went on in the three important meetings of National Coordinators (April 22, 2016), Foreign Ministers ...

Member State Foreign Ministers of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) meeting is held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan on May 24, 2016.
13 Jun 2016 14:44

Jahangir Karami

Why Iran has to Join Shanghai Cooperation Organization?

Tashkent, capital of Uzbekistan, will be hosting the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit in 24th and 25th of July, 2016. Iran is currently an observer member in the organization while proposing its full membership request last year. With the international sanctions lifted and the restrictions ...

A Foreign Ministry staff member arranges the Chinese and Syrian flags before a meeting in Beijing on December 24, 2015.
29 May 2016 22:28

Vladimir Evseev

Russian and Chinese Roles in Syria Crisis: Are They against Iran’s Interests?

Iran-Russia’s cooperation in Syria is both dynamic and challenging. It is obvious that Russia’s role in Syria will get bolder over time while Iran's role will not. Right now Iran has 7000 soldiers in Syria but with the future turn in the situation, no more than 700 of its units will ...