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Hamidreza Azizi:
3 May 2018 21:18

Hamidreza Azizi: 'Moscow to Pursue More Independent Path toward Political Settlement in Syria'

Following the US-led airstrikes against Syria, the three Astana partners are expected to revise their common goals, as well as previous agreements. This is especially important because Turkey distanced itself from Russia and Iran, declaring support for the US attack. Therefore, if they fail to reach ...

9 Jan 2018 21:02

Nikolay Kozhanov: 'there is a deep transition in the Russia’s vision of the Middle East and Iran'

Nikolay Kozhanov, a visiting lecturer in Political Economy of the Middle East at the European University in St Petersburg, a senior lecturer in Political Economy and Economic Security at the St Petersburg State University, a contributing expert to the Moscow-based Institute of the Middle East and ...

Anton Mardasov: ‘The deterioration of relations between Russia and the US is in the interests of Iran’
10 Sep 2017 22:07

Anton Mardasov: ‘The deterioration of relations between Russia and the US is in the interests of Iran’

Anton Mardasov, a military affairs expert and journalist and head of Department of Middle Eastern Conflicts at the Moscow-based Institute for Innovative Development, sat down with IRAS for an interview about different aspects of Astana Talks and what role Iran, Russia and the US have played since ...

14 Aug 2017 20:34

Sa'adollah Zarei: 'I personally do not worry that the agreement between the US and Russia is so strong that Iran will not have the capability to break it'

Sa'adollah Zarei, senior expert on Middle East affairs sat down with IRAS for an interview about the growing military-security ties between Iran and Russia in Syria and what role the US and other regional actors play in the scene. This interview has been edited for clarity and length.    ...

© Al-Alam
8 Jun 2017 09:08

Ali Shamkhani: 'Iran-Russia-Syria-Iraq-Hezbollah co-op has changed political equations in the Syria Crisis'

Rear Admiral Ali Shamkhani, secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran, sat down with IRAS for an exclusive interview about Iran’s cooperating with Russia. This interview has been edited for clarity.     In the past two years and in particular after the sanction ...

© Mehr News Agency
13 May 2017 14:58

Jahangir Karami: 'The Russians should not feel that Iran has no choice but to have relations with them'

Iran-Russia relations have reached an unprecedented peak, fueled by military cooperation in Syria, a shared vision of the global order, and mutual criticism of Western policy in the Middle East. Tehran is a useful ally to Moscow in a highly unstable region, but it is just one thread in Moscow’...

© Sputnik International
26 Apr 2017 09:32

Mehdi Sanaei: ' I think relations between Iran and Russia have not been and will not be influenced by third parties'

The idea of a Russian-Iranian alliance makes sense to many for four main reasons. First, Russia and Iran have a shared interest in disrupting the U.S.-dominated post–Cold War order in the Middle East. Second, the Russians were seen as leaning towards Iran during the nuclear negotiations because ...

3 Mar 2017 10:21

Rasoul Mousavi: ‘Afghanistan’s stability crisis is a domestic issue which must be overcome through a balance between different ethnic groups’

  Rasoul Mousavi, Iran's former ambassador to Tajikistan, Finland and Estonia, advisor to head of Center for International Research and Education, affiliated to Iran's foreign Ministry, and senior fellow at IRAS, sat down one week ago with IRAS for a comprehensive interview about different ...

© Iran Front Page
18 Dec 2016 17:58

Moussa Hashemi Golpayegani: ‘Russia can no longer rule Ashgabat within the framework of its former hegemony’

  On May 7, 2016, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani welcomed Turkmenistan’s foreign minister, Rashid Meredov, to Tehran. After their bilateral meeting, Rouhani declared that Iran and Turkmenistan needed to expand their security partnership, because both countries have common interests in ...

Jahangir Karami: ‘The Russians have always tried to create a rift between the United States and Europe’
11 Dec 2016 00:00

Jahangir Karami: ‘The Russians have always tried to create a rift between the United States and Europe’

  Russian President Vladimir Putin has outlined in his new foreign policy document that the chances of nuclear or large-scale conflict are low, according to a copy of the document on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. Several changes were made to the document known as the “Concept ...

© Rudaw
4 Dec 2016 10:48

Vladimir Evseev: ‘Russia's willingness to negotiate with the US is aimed at restricting the interferences of Washington’

Russia's involvement in Syrian affairs has shifted the balance of power in the region and helped stabilize the situation. The Syrian ceasefire, brokered by the US and Russia, still holds. However, the so-called "moderate" rebels pose a challenge to the Russo-American deal. Despite US ...

Mahmoud Shoori: The Decision to improve Relations with Russia Is a Strategic Choice for Post-JCPOA Iran
24 Sep 2016 23:27

Mahmoud Shoori: The Decision to improve Relations with Russia Is a Strategic Choice for Post-JCPOA Iran

Many argue that Iranian-Russian cooperation in Syria is purely opportunistic, based on short-term interests that temporarily overshadow equally prominent differences. While this could be true, the alliance is nonetheless underpinned by some deep-seated commonalities in their wider vision of international ...

© Shafaqna
16 Sep 2016 00:02

Jahangir Karami: ‘Neither contemporary Iran nor post-Soviet Russia is similar to their past history’

Over the past year, Russia and Iran have entered a new phase of military cooperation unprecedented in their relations since the end of World War II. As a result of Russian intervention in Syria, their armed forces are planning operations and fighting together in support of Bashar al-Assad’s ...

27 Aug 2016 09:00

Mark N. Katz: ‘From Moscow’s perspective, Iran needs Russia more than Russia needs Iran’

Russian bombers flying from an Iran’s Nojeh air base struck targets across Syria on Tuesday, August 16, dramatically underscoring the two countries’ growing military ties and highlighting Russia’s strategy for greater influence in the volatile Middle East. We asked Mark N. Katz, ...

Mehdi Sanaei:
26 Jul 2016 16:31

Mehdi Sanaei: 'Iran welcomes any Russian partnership in the regional developments'

H.E. Dr. Mehdi Sanaei, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Russian Federation and senior fellow at IRAS, sat down a week ago with IRAS for an interview about Iran-Russia's relationship on bilateral and regional issues after the Joint Comprehensive ...

Zhand Shakibi: ‘U.S. approach to Russia’s involvement in Syria is not contradiction but affirmations of Russia’s role as great power’
13 Jun 2016 16:21

Zhand Shakibi: ‘U.S. approach to Russia’s involvement in Syria is not contradiction but affirmations of Russia’s role as great power’

President Putin’s decision to intervene in Syria marked a major turning point in Russian foreign policy in 2015. Over the last 15 years, Putin has increasingly relied on the use of military power to achieve his domestic and foreign-policy objectives, starting with the invasion of Chechnya in ...

Nematollah Izadi:
2 Jun 2016 20:48

Nematollah Izadi: 'We cannot have strategic relations with Russia, because our objectives sometimes are in conflict'

Since the return of Vladimir Putin to the Russian president’s office in 2012, Russian-Iranian relations have experienced a significant change of course in contrast to the substantial cooling of the bilateral dialogue during the last two years of Dmitry Medvedev’s presidency. Unexpected ...

27 May 2016 13:50

Vladimir Evseev: 'The United States has a trivial influence on Russia and this allows Moscow the possibility to have a good mutual relationship with Iran'

Vladimir Evseev, Head of Caucasus Department of the CIS Institute and Director of the Center for Public Policy Research in Academic Secretary of the Coordinating Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) on forecasting, sat down two weeks ago with IRAS for an interview about Russian military ...

Jahangir Karami:
13 Apr 2016 14:20

Jahangir Karami: 'Ankara may be trying to exploit the Karabakh crisis to...challenge the Kremlin in Near Abroad'

  On 2 April 2016, we have seen an unexpected war between Azerbaijan and Armenia in the Nagorno-Karabakh region. The Armenian and Azeri chiefs of General Staff signed a ceasefire in Moscow on April 6th and the gunfire stopped. Jahangir Karami, senior fellow at The IRAS Institute, told Khabar Online ...

Andrei Kortunov:
30 Mar 2016 21:18

Andrei Kortunov: 'Russia has no resources and no interest in replacing the United States in the Middle East as the next hegemonic power'

  Andrei Kortunov, Director General of Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC), sat down last week with The IRAS Institute for a written interview about Russian Middle East policy, especially after military involvement in the Syrian crisis. The following is an edited version of the interview....