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Challenges to Horizontal and Vertical Expansion of SCO
22 Apr 2018 21:12

Vali Kaleji

Challenges to Horizontal and Vertical Expansion of SCO

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) which is considered as one of the regional mechanisms of Eurasia is in a very sensitive situation. Over the past twenty years the organization has experienced a significant horizontal expansion (acceptance of members) and vertical expansion (goals and tasks)....

A New Chapter in Iran-Tajikistan Relations
15 Dec 2017 22:13

Mohsen Pakaeen

A New Chapter in Iran-Tajikistan Relations

The recent visit of Mr. Javad Zarif, the Foreign Minister of Iran, to Tajikistan indicates that Iran is determined to strengthen its relations with far and near neighbors and create mutual trust among the old friends in the region. Emphasizing the common historical and cultural background, Iran'...

27 Aug 2017 21:15

Fatemeh Atri Sangsari

Why Iran and Tajikistan Have Moved Away from Each Other?

There are many bilateral, regional and trans-regional reasons suggested for cold relations between Iran and Tajikistan. At the bilateral level, Iranian businessmen operating in Tajikistan were faced with local and police officials’ corruption and extortion, and this led to provoking the Iranian ...

Muslims perform the Eid prayer at Haji Yaqub Mosque to celebrate the Islamic feast of Eid al-Fitr (Uraza Bayram) marking the end of the holy fasting month of Ramadan
25 Aug 2017 21:06

Hamidreza Azizi

Saudi Arabia's Wooing Persian-Speaking Sunnis in Central Asia

In an unprecedented move that surprised many observers around the world, Tajikistan’s state TV on Aug. 8 aired a documentary accusing Iran of involvement in the murder of several Tajik social and political figures as well as 20 Russian military officers in the country during the 1990s Tajik ...

9 Jul 2017 20:46

Hassan Beheshtipour

On Recent Tajikistan Move against Iran

The news that a cultural center related to Iran’s cultural attaché in Khujand was closed which contributed to the publication of books and articles that introduce the common cultural, historical, and linguistic roots of the people of both countries - Iran and Tajikistan - is astonishing ...

Yazidi refugees celebrate news of the liberation of their homeland of Sinjar from ISIL extremists, while at a refugee camp on November 13, 2015 in Derek, Rojava, Syria
7 Oct 2016 13:25

Motahare Hosseini

Solution to Religious Extremism in the Middle East and Central Asia

In an atmosphere of ideological and material impoverishment leading to massive identity crisis and unbridgeable economic gaps in different parts of the Islamic world and the Middle East, Western civilization has entered these regions by eliminating the indigenous culture and religion, through which ...

Rashid Alimov (L), Secretary-General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), looks on as Uzbekistan
10 Jul 2016 21:20

Vali Kaleji

SCO Summit in Tashkent and the Iran Question

Considering the 10-year-old experience of Iran’s observer status in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) since 2005, which has included formal submission to join the block in 2008, continuous follow-up from member states, in particular China and Russia, the SCO nod to India and Pakistan ...

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) heads of state, the leaders of observer states and governments, international organization delegation heads pose for a group photograph in Tashkent on June 24, 2016 as part of the SCO Heads of State Council meeting.
2 Jul 2016 23:05

Vali Kaleji

What Tajikistan and China Think about Iran’s Full Membership in SCO?

Considering the 10-year-old experience of Iran’s observer status in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) since 2005, Iran has always been interested in being a permanent member. However, what went on in the three important meetings of National Coordinators (April 22, 2016), Foreign Ministers ...