THE IRAS INSTITUTE 6 Mar 2017 11:22 -------------------------------------------------- Title : INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE: Centenary of the first period of the independence in republics of Caucasian (1918-1921) (Caucasus Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia) -------------------------------------------------- Text : Institute for Iranian Contemporary Historical Studies intends to hold international conference with the theme of Centenary of the first period of the independence in republics of Caucasus in collaboration with a number of institutions and scientific research centers based on newly discovered documents and new researches. Hereby we invite the researchers to submit their papers on the following topics to add the importance of this conference. Conference topics Role of internal and external factors in the formation of the republics Similarities and differences between state-building in three republics Interaction, competition and conflict between the newly independent countries Changing the name of places in Caucasus Caucasus position in the international system during above period Iranian institutions and entities in Caucasus Checking the positions of the international media about developments in Caucasus The position of language and Persian and Arabic orthography in Caucasus Triple republics of Caucasus from the viewpoint of statistics Role of political elites of the three countries in the development done during mentioned period Reflecting developments in Caucasus among the elite and Iranian media Reasons for disintegrating the republics of Caucasus Reasons for non-membership of the republics of Caucasus in the League of Nations Rise and fall of the self-proclaimed Republic of Aras in Nakhchivan Survey the role of energy during the developments of this period Role of internal and external factors in ethnic conflicts in Caucasus Checking the Bolsheviks and Ottoman relations Effect of British and Ottoman presence in Caucasus Proceedings of General Iranian consulate in Tbilisi and Consulate of Iran in Caucasus Caucasus issue at Versailles White Russians Corridor Badkoobehi-Batumi Effect of falling republics of Caucasus in Iran Reviewing the role of France, Germany and America in the developments of Caucasus during this period To learn more, click here.