THE IRAS INSTITUTE 24 Nov 2016 12:58 -------------------------------------------------- Title : EVENT: Principles and Facilities of Iranian-Azerbaijani Cooperation -------------------------------------------------- Text : Date: November 27, 2016 Time: 17:00 to 19:00 (GMT +3:30) Venue: IRAS Conference Center, Tehran, Iran Speakers: Farhad Mammadov, Director of Center for Strategic Studies (SAM) Mesiagha Mohammedi, Senior research fellow at SAM Gulmira Rzayeva, Leading Research Fellow at SAM Kamal Gasimov, Fellow at SAM Presider: Davood Kiani, First Deputy Director, IRAS Description: After a decade of cold relations, Azerbaijan and Iran are eager to warm up to each other, as both nations are hungry for foreign investments and boosted regional trade. As world oil prices hit low levels, Azerbaijan and Iran are looking for ways to develop their non-oil economy, integrate regional transport networks and boost mutually advantageous business projects. Azerbaijan and Iran have a chance to radically change the nature of their relations, and move away from decades dominated by suspicion and antagonism in their bilateral relations. This would bring not only a new picture to the regional geopolitics, but also significantly shift regional trade and commerce and boost economic development. Under these conditions, the prospects for ethnic and regional conflicts could further fade away, paving the way for mutually beneficial projects. In that respect, Azerbaijan seeks to become a valuable platform for EU-Iran economic ties as well as convenient hub for Iranian gas and oil transport to Western markets. At this timely event, the Azerbaijani scholar delegation will discuss bilateral relation and possible option to boost cooperation on several issues, namely energy, trade and regional conflicts. Event contact Behrouz Ghezel Tel: +98 (0)21 8877 0586 E-mail: