Principles and Facilities of Iranian-Azerbaijani Cooperation

Date of publication : December 8, 2016 19:49 pm
Principles and Facilities of Iranian-Azerbaijani Cooperation

Date: November 27, 2016
Time: 17:00 to 19:00 (GMT +3:30)
Venue: IRAS Conference Center, Tehran, Iran


Farhad Mammadov, Director of Center for Strategic Studies (SAM)
Mesiagha Mohammedi, Senior research fellow at SAM

Gulmira Rzayeva, Leading Research Fellow at SAM
Kamal Gasimov, Fellow at SAM


Davood Kiani, First Deputy Director, IRAS


In this event, Farhad Mammadov said:
“Iran-Azerbaijan relations have associated with ups and downs in the past twenty-five years. Azerbaijani and Iranian leaders believe that relations between the two countries should be promoted to the strategic level. Azerbaijan is located in an impressive and interesting geopolitical position. Geopolitically, Azerbaijan is located in the Muslim world in terms of religion, in the territory of the Russian Empire and the USSR the past two hundred years, and among the Commonwealth countries in recent years. Bilateral relations are a top priority in Azerbaijan's foreign policy which is based on constructivism and pragmatism.”
In this event, Mesiagha Mohammedi said:
“Commonalities between Iran and Azerbaijan are more than their conflicts. However, there is a paradox here that makes these commonalities a source of conflict; three issues of Azeri-speaking Iranians, Islam and Shiism, and common celebrities. Ninety percent of the population in Azerbaijan is Turkish-speaking and there is also a large Turkish-speaking population in Iran. Approximately 80-85% of the Azerbaijan population is Shia and the majority of Iran's population is also Shia. About historical figures, language is an effective issue and I think that the main cause of disputes is the controversial issues expressed by individuals who are not aware of them. Development of political-economic relations between Iran and Azerbaijan helps these two countries achieve a better understanding of historical-cultural differences.”

In this event, Gulmira Rzayeva also said:
“Energy is one of the areas of cooperation between Iran and Azerbaijan because there is no conflict of interest on it and provides many grounds for negotiations and cooperation. Iran and Azerbaijan have had ties in the field of energy for 22 years. One of the areas of cooperation between these two countries is Shah Deniz Gas Field in which Iran has invested. Another joint project between Iran and Azerbaijan is the transfer of Azerbaijan gas to Iranian and Azeri region through Iran. On the other hand, since Iran is not directly connected to Europe and is willing to export its gas to European markets, it can be an area of useful cooperation between Iran and Azerbaijan. Through Baku-Ceyhan pipeline constructed with the partnership of SOCAR and BP companies, Azerbaijan can connect to Europe and establish a network of the largest producers in the region.”

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